WEDA 50+ Submersible Dewatering Pump

The WEDA 50+ electric submersible dewatering pump has a shaft speed of 2900rpm. This small electric pump weighs 55/63kg and can handle up 6mm of solids.

WEDA Pumps originate from the old WEDA foundry in the 1950’s and the engineering company from the 1960’s. The pumps were developed by engineers in Sweden, the home country of submersible pumps. Today, development and production continues in the Atlas Copco factory in Spain. With the ability to handle flows up to 20.000 l/min (340 l/sec) and ranging upto 54 kW, WEDA can meet the demands form a wide variety of applications. With Atlas Copco’s strict ISO 9001 plan and sophisticated testing facilities guarantees the highest quality in production and material.

WEDA 50+ Submersible Dewatering Pump


WEDA 50+ Submersible Dewatering Pump Features

Built-in run capacitor/contactor
Easy access to the electrical components
Class F insulated stators with thermo switches in all windings
Adjustable lower diffuser made from wear resistant nitrile rubber
Reinforced cable entry
Adjustable discharge connection, 180° or 90°
Low friction seals
External plug for grease filling
High-quality chrome clog free impeller
New starter units with rotation control and phase failure protection
Double row ball bearings with improved lifetime
New cable entry to allow multiple cable types and improved sealing
New motor design with higher efficiency and reduced start current
New hydraulic ends for higher efficiency and improved LCC

Quick Spec

Rated Output
Max. Power Input
L=5.1, N=4.8, H=6.0
Rated Current A 230v
L=13, N/H=O.R
Rated Current A 400v
L=10, N=9.5, H=11
Shaft Speed
Discharge Connection
L/N= 4"(3"), H=3"(4")
Weight/ max solid size
N/L=55kg, H=63kg/6mm

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