PAS 200MF 300 Centrifugal Pump

The PAS 200MF 300 centrifugal pump has a maximum capacity of 720m3/h, a suction/ discharge of DN200(8″), a maximum head of 31m, a maximum solids of 60 and an air cooled Deutz engine and water cooled Kohler engine.

The PAS pump system consists of a centrifugal pump and a SuperDuo separator, which enables air to be separated from the liquid and be sucked by a vacuum pump – making automatic priming possible. Even with suction heights of several meters, the machine rapidly evacuates the air from the suction pipe and starts to pump. Additionally, thanks to the semi-open impeller, the PAS range is also suitable for pumping liquids with solids in suspension.

Both Atlas Copco and Varisco have decades of experience in designing and producing pumps. We have put those years of expertize into providing a solutions portfolio that works across multiple applications. The PAS MF (medium flow) range is packed with features that not only meet, but exceed the needs of the market. We are focused on an efficient, extremely versatile pump that is suitable for many industries, including construction, general dewatering and emergency applications, such as flood clean up.

PAS 200MF 300 Centrifugal Pump

PAS 200MF 300 Centrifugal Pump Features

Pump high efficiency: 73% (B.E.P.)
Rapid "dry" priming up to a height of 8.5 m (27.5 ft)
High resistance to abrasive liquids and turbid sandy waters
Semi-open impeller solids handling up to 60 mm (2.4")
Easy maintenance without lifting devices: hinged cover for direct access to the impeller
Diaphragm vacuum pump oil free suitable for dry running: no contamination of the environment
Wear plate cast iron (G10 rubber lined) or stainless steel wear plate, that are easily replaceable

Quick Spec

Maximum Capacity
Suction/ Discharge
Maximum Head
Maximum Solids
Air Cooled Deutz/ Water Cooled Kohler

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