Self Bunded Fuel Tanks – Cube

110% self bunded baffled cube series suitable for the storage and dispensing of diesel, kerosene, lubricants, petrol and waste oil.

The GO Self Bunded Tank Cube Range are designed and manufactured by the industry leader, PETRO Industrial.


Safe Fill Level

L (mm)

W (mm)

H (mm)

Empty Weight

Full Weight

550L 500L 1509 1114 796 430kg 930kg
1100L 1000L 1577 1132 1235 680kg 1680kg
2200L 2000L 1589 2166 1221 980kg 2680kg
3300L 3000L 2180 2166 1221 1139kg 3840kg
4500L 4100L 3000 2000 1235 1650kg 5175kg
6300L 5950L 3560 2166 1235 2450kg 7205kg
8000L 7600L 4600 2246 1235 2880kg 9500kg

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks – Cube Features

Unique tank in tank design approved to UL142 / ULCS601 / ULCS603 / AS1940, AS1692 / BS799 / PPG2.
Removable lid for ease of maintenance.
The outer tank will hold 110% of the inner tank’s capacity.
UN31A/Y approved for the transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail and Sea, Packaging Groups II & III.
Pumps, connections and hoses are housed and can be locked within the bund, even in use.
Secure hose entry and exit ports.
Tank can feed and return from up to 3 generators at once.
Fully certified Crane Lifting Lugs, tank can be lifted when full of liquid.
4 x way forklift pockets.
Mechanical contents gauge.
Fully lockable lid on gas struts.
Generator hose suction and return points.
Stackable - 3-high empty and 2-high when full.
Supplied with all required statutory decals.

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