U 190 PACE Portable Air Compressor – 90-190CFM, 70-150psi (g)

The U 190 PACE portable air compressor delivers 90-190CFM free air delivery and 70-150psi (g) normal effective working pressure.

The 8 Series Utility range is light weight, compact package. This range may not have any wheels, but all the integrated features mean we are proud to call this a mobile, easy to move compressor.
All 8 Series compressors are under 750 kg and service can always be completed under one hour. The Utility range offers models with our revolutionary PACE system. PACE enables you to control the pressure and regulate the flow – giving you even more versatility to handle the toughest applications. All models come with a corrosion free C3 rated canopy.

Introducing PACE technology

  • An electronic regulation system programmed via a digital controller.
  • A system that offers the widest operating pressure range within a single compressor. Allowing multiple pressure and flow combinations.
  • A simple to use system with pinpoint accuracy and ensuring safety. Guaranteeing the long-term performance of the compressor.
  • A system that gives you the versatility of three machines in one package.

U 190 PACE Portable Air Compressor – 90-190CFM, 70-150psi (g) Features

Light Weight
60 Minute Service Intervals

U 190 PACE Portable Air Compressor – 90-190CFM, 70-150psi (g) Downloads

Utility Range Brochure
Product Ref Sheet U 130-190 PACE

Quick Spec

Working pressure
70-150psi (g)
Free air delivery
Fuel tank capacity

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