DCW 480 ESW Dual Operator


The Redstar DCW400ES can perform high-quality welding on piplelines and other welding methods. (Types of welding: Stick, Tig, Mig Flux-cored, Gouging, etc.)

High-Capacity High-Performance Generator

The unit can also be used as a 15kVA / 50Hz highcapacity generator. With a voltage regulation of within ±1.0%. High-quality AC power can be used while welding is being performed.

Low Fuel Consumption And Long Life

The unit incorporates a low RPM (1,500 / 1,800 min-1) high-output diesel engine featuring low fuel consumption. Operation at low speed is easy on the engine, facilitating especially long life.

Special Design Facilitates Use In Virtually Any Location

The unit has been designed to operate in virtually all locations, from very hot to cold climates. It is ideal for high-quality welding and as a dependable source of power.

E·mode Function Reduces Fuel Consumption And Noise Level

With e·mode operation ( idling speed ), the unit controls welding current up to 160A on DLW·300ES/DLW-300ESW and 240A on DLW400ESW respectively, reducing fuel consumption by 25-30% compared with other standard welders. In addition, newly developed hood structure incorporating a new cooling system dramatically reduces noise level.

DCW 480 ESW Dual Operator Features

DCW 480 ESW Dual Operator Downloads

DCW 480 ESW Specification


Quick Spec

Rated Output
17.1 kW
Welding Current Range
60 - 480 A


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