1450 kVA Generator – QAC 1450

We understand your need for power, but do your power needs ever change? The QAC 1450 TwinPower™ is a 20-foot containerized generator with 2 x 725 kVA generators inside, making it perfect for applications that have variable power needs, whether that’s due to the time of day or the current usage requirements. You can also run on one engine while servicing the other, giving you a built-in backup as standard. Because you get two generators in one platform, you have the flexibility you need to run at 100% power load or even low power loads in the most efficient way. What’s more, every feature you need comes as standard.

1450 kVA Generator – QAC 1450 Features

More than 70% load step acceptance
Focused on portable and intensive use
Robust twistlocks & forklift inlets
110% spillage free frame
Use in extreme temperatures & at high altitudes
Designed for easy service with large access doors
Less than 2 hours maintenance for every 500 hours

1450 kVA Generator – QAC 1450 Downloads

1450 kVA Generator Brochure

Quick Spec

Prime Power
1447 / 1158kVA
Fuel Consumption
211 L/h (77% Load)
Leroy Somer

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