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A standby generator application is used when a mains power already exists and a generator is required to act only as back-up if there is a blackout. Subsequently, the generator will usually only run a handful of hours per year, if at all.

A stationary generator is used when the generator is the primary source of power and the generator will remain in one location for most of its life.

A portable generator is used when the generator is the sole source of power but it will also be moved from site to site on a regular basis.

You will need to decide if you require the generator for regular or heavy usage.

Knowing your power requirements is essential for selecting your generator. Contact your electrician or try our power calculator.


The QAC range of generators comes in a standard 6 metre container and offers high efficiencies and low noise levels. With two generators in one platform, the QAC range can be used as the prime source of power in applications that require optimum performance and variable power needs. You have the flexibility to run at 100% power load or low power loads in the most efficient way. These generators are ideal for heavy usage applications, can easily be transported and provide either 1000, 1100 or 1200 kVa of power.