Atlas Copco PAS4 DDM A220

Dry prime pumps offer improved efficiency over longer periods of usage. They are best suited for applications where you might experience periods of running dry or intermittent flows.

The PAS range was developed as a result of over 140 years’ experience working with construction customers across the world. The Atlas Copco strategy fits perfectly with pumps. The first focus, of course, is providing efficient products.
Atlas Copco strives to develop products that are better for you and better for the environment. Secondly, the products should be easy to take to your point of work. Therefore they put a huge amount of focus on making products that are smaller and lighter, with features that make them easy to move.

When it comes to pumps, Atlas Copco focuses on five key criteria:

  1. COMPACT: Made to go where you need to go. With features that make it easy to transport.
  2. VERSATILE: One pump should cover multiple applications. Focus on modular designs.
  3. DURABLE: Tested, performed and verified in the toughest working conditions.
  4. EFFICIENCY: Focused on reducing fuel consumption. Made to suit any environment.
  5. SIMPLE SERVICE: Easy access to all parts and consumables.

PAS4 DDM 220
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Atlas Copco PAS4 DDM A220 Features

MECHANICAL SHAFT SEALS IN OIL BATH: Dry running capability without damaging the shaft seals.
HIGH CAPACITY DIAPHRAGM PUMP: For automatic priming.
MODULAR DESIGN: Many configurations are possible.
EASY ACCESS: To all components, enabling simple servicing.
SOLIDS HANDLING: Without the risk of clogging.

Atlas Copco PAS4 DDM A220 Downloads

Atlas Copco Open Frame Pumps

Quick Spec

Max Capacity
Suction/ Discharge Sizes
Max Head
Max Solids Handling
Hatz 2M41

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